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1539 N. 33rd Place | Suite A Sheboygan, WI
Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm

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20+ Years of OHV Experience

The NOHVIS Group Inc. has over 20 years of projects in the Off-Highway Vehicle recreation field. From our award winning Trail Ambassador program to assisting hundreds of grassroots club startups, the NOHVIS Group Inc. is your resource for all things OHV related.

Trail Ambassador Program

Our award winning Trail Ambassador program is recognized throughout the state of Wisconsin as not only a self-policing tool, but also as a tool for clubs to help recruit and maintain volunteers.
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Safety Education Program

The NOHVIS Group Inc. can provide ATV and UTV safety training to your organization. Our instructors have over 20 years in the field of safety training. Our courses are customized for your operations to ensure the highest level of safety and education for your staff.


The NOHVIS Group Inc. has been helping grassroots organizations by becoming more organized. We have a tested method to help organize and potentially grow your grassroots organization.

Application Development

Does your organization need a mobile app to connect your membership together? We have a great solution that allows your organization to utilize our mobile application builder, which makes updating your content a breeze! If you lack any tech savvy volunteers, we can do the work for you (for a cost).

Working With Agency Partners

The NOVHIS Grooup Inc. has worked with many local, county, state and federal agencies to help develop, maintain and repair OHV riding opportunities. Our leadership works closely with agency staff and administration to ensure positive communication, effective outreach and responsive actions on agency needs. 

With our 20+ years of working with government officials, law enforcement and land managers, our consulting services can help you build positive and lasting relationships with your local, state and federal representatives.

What does it take to work with the NOHVIS Group Inc.?

Working with our staff and leadership is as easy as you want it to be. We do ask that you have an open mind when listening to how we have achieved our success stories throughout the United States. We love to take a look at any situation and offer suggestions on how to work through problems, make it past some of the typical government red tape and analyze strategic efforts for growing grassroots operations. 

Working with NOHVIS

This depends on your project. However, with any of our programs, we ask that you come to the table with an open mind. We will listen to your project or situation and help develop a strategy for achieving what you need to accomplish.

The staff and administration of the NOHVIS Group Inc. have been working on off-highway vehicle recreation projects for 20+ years. If your project involves the off-highway vehicle world, we can help!

Feel free to give us a call at (920) 694-0581 or send us an email at We would love to line up a video conference to hear how we can assist your organization or company.